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Natural Gas

Over the past several years natural gas prices have been highly volatile.  Increased industrial usage, unpredictable weather patterns, changing storage levels, and the possibility of liquid natural gas (LNG) being traded on a global market are all factors that affect natural gas prices.
Working within the boundaries of your level of risk acceptance, your historic usage profile, and your historic consumption, Quest Energy Solutions will design a plan that allows your company to effectively utilize your purchasing power within today's deregulated Natural Gas Market.

Fixed Product Pricing

A fixed price plan allows you to lock in your price for designated periods of time. This purchasing approach offers you "Budget Stability", eliminating your chance of being effected by market volatility. This natural gas plan is competitively priced versus the utility and provides a stable, predictable price, backed by financially strong suppliers for the term of the agreement. Our purchase plans range from 3 months to 2 years, depending upon your desired term, your load profile and the supplier that best suits your needs.

Market Index Pricing

A market based price plan will reflect wholesale market conditions providing you with an accurate cost correlation to the natural gas retail market. The Basis Rate itself is preset for the term of the agreement providing a degree of certainty to the product. Additionally, the monthly market price for the actual natural gas is combined with the Basis Rate reflecting the total cost per Dth per month. This plan is attractive if you are comfortable with the concept that price varies from month to month in the wholesale market. You also have the option to switch to a fixed price supply contract should the market move to a price point that the customer determines is more beneficial.


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