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Energy Efficiency

An energy efficiency audit can have a big impact on your overall energy cost.   Energy conservation is an important aspect of any business with the rise in costs over the years.  By reducing your energy consumption from lighting, mechanical, and refrigeration you can drive costs down.  Consumers pay for their energy on a kWh of consumption basis.  By upgrading to more energy efficient lighting, cooling and refrigeration you lower your consumption of kWh, reducing your overall energy and maintenance costs. 

Many times there are utility incentives in place that will contribute to the cost of your energy efficiency upgrades.  There is an energy efficiency charge on your bill that you pay for every month that was put in place for utility companies to run these programs.  You might as well take advantage of what you are already paying.
There is no cost for the initial energy audit.  Once completed, you will be provided with a detailed proposal outlining the scope of the work to be performed, along with any utility incentives that you may qualify for.  Should there be any cost on your part there are various payment options including on bill financing with 0% interest through most utility companies for qualified customers. 

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